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Gilbert Achcar, author of The Arabs and the Holocaust now on tour in the US

Clara Heyworth 7 November 2010

This week Gilbert Achcar kicks off his US tour to launch The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives—published by Metropolitan here in the US and by Saqi Books in the UK. Reviewing the book for the Guardian, Tariq Ali declared The Arabs and the Holocaust "the best book on the subject so far" ...

In a systematic and scholarly refutation of the simplistic myths that have arisen following the formation of Israel, Gilbert Achcar, the Lebanese-French historian, who is currently professor of international relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies, has provided us with the best book on the subject so far. Achcar has little time for Arab pieties. He makes no bones about the fact that Holocaust denial is not uncommon in the Middle East and that charlatan historians (Roger Garaudy is one of many examples cited in the book) have received a warm welcome from many in power in the Gulf states.

Visit the Guardian to read Ali's review in full. 

Achcar will be speaking at:

November 8: NYU's Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies

November 9: Columbia University (with Amira Hass) 

November 10: Rutgers

November 11: Yale

November 12: Harvard

November 15: University of Chicago

November 16: University of Michigan

November 17: University of Wisconsin

... And then I dare say he'll need a rest.