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The Best of Al Jazeera America Digital

Colin Beckett 4 February 2016

As you are likely aware, Al Jazeera America will be shutting down at the end of April, and, with it, Al Jazeera America Digital. Though not without its own limitations, both the network and website provided an essential counterbalance to the agenda shared by all the other American news broadcasters (and the majority of online news outlets with comparable levels of funding).

The loss of Al Jazeera America Digital in particular will leave a hole in the American news landscape. The site regularly published journalism and opinion by Verso authors (including Belén Fernández, Audrea Lim, Micah Uetricht, Anna Feigenbaum, and Chase Madar), and its own impressive roster of staff writers, including Atossa Araxia Abrahamian and Ned Resnikoff. Even more than that, it was one of an ever dwindling number of outlets willing and able to commision substantive, original reporting. 

A new website, The Best of Al Jazeera America Digital, presents some highlights from AJAM's two-year-plus run. The archive can be viewed by contributor, making it a handy reference for anyone interested in hiring any of the talented AJAM editors or writers who will soon be looking for work.