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Tariq Ali Against Trident—CND Rally, 27th February 2016

29 February 2016

Tariq Ali spoke at Britain's biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation yesterday alongside Jeremy Corbyn, Giles Fraser and party leaders at a rally organised by the CND. Thousands of protesters gathered in London, some travelling from as afar as Australia to protest against the renewal of Trident.

"There is no practical, utilitarian or financial justification for Trident but we need it because it upgrades Britain's position in the world. I think it downgrades Britain's position in the world [...] If it really wants to upgrade its moral position in the world it needs to get rid of Trident," he said. 

"Were we to elect a Labour government under the leadership of Corbyn and his colleagues, there is a possibility that this demand first put up in the late 1950s will become a reality. All of this depends not simply on the political leaders, but on us. What are we going to do?"

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