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Los Angeles Times on Schiffrin - A "sophisticated voice of reason."

Julie McCarroll17 November 2010

The Los Angeles Times' books section has all but disappeared, but Susan Salter Reynolds has squeezed in a lovely "Discoveries" piece on Words and Money for the Los Angeles Times.

Reynolds observes,

Publishing work that inspired cultural conversation first at Pantheon for 30 years and then at the New Press, Schiffrin has been the sophisticated voice of reason ... in America and around the world ... In Words & Money, Schiffrin looks at examples of media industries around the world, particularly France, where he spends half his time, but also Norway, Spain and other countries. In successful, thriving publishing communities, Schiffrin writes that it takes a village (government and local support of bookstores and publishers) to compete with the pressure from conglomerates.

Visit the Los Angeles Times to read the review in full.