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Corbyn and the Future of Labour: A Verso Report

Verso Books23 September 2016

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Download our free ebook, with contributions from Tariq Ali, Rachel Shabi, George Monbiot, Richard Seymour, Hilary Wainwright, and more. 

On Saturday Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected with a massive 61.8% vote from party members. He is given the mandate (again) to demand support from the Westminster rump that still resists his authority. But even with this support, the future is no walk in the park.

Corbyn and the Future of Labour - a FREE ebook - looks back on an extraordinary year, in which the Labour Party and its membership changed almost beyond recognition. Already we have seen that the party is willing to move away from the centre ground for the first time in twenty years and beginning to offer an authentic alternative to the neoliberal doctrine of austerity. Perhaps the only thing the writers collected together here might agree on is that the road ahead is going to be hard, and here they tackle various ways to plan for the future.

This free ebook includes essays by Tariq AliJoanna Biggs, Rachel Shabi, George Monbiot, Jamie Stern-Weiner, Richard Seymour, Hilary Wainwright, Jeremy Gilbert, Alex WilliamsEllie Mae O'Hagan, Michael Rosen, Aaron Bastani, Lindsey German.

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Download Corbyn and the Future of Labour here.

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