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Against Everything: Mark Greif and Brian Dillon in conversation

Sarah Shin12 October 2016

From the tyranny of exercise to the crisis of policing, via the sexualization of childhood (and everything else), Mark Greif’s Against Everything is an essential guide to the vicissitudes of everyday life under twenty-first-century capitalism and a vital scrutiny of the contradictions arising between our desires and the excuses we make.

In a wide-ranging conversation for the latest Verso podcast in collaboration with the London Review Bookshop, Mark Greif and Brian Dillon discuss modes of critique and cultural forms, and the role of the intellectual in stripping away the veil of everyday life.

Mark Greif is a founder and editor of n+1.

Brian Dillon is a writer and critic. He is UK editor of Cabinet, and teaches critical writing at the Royal College of Art.

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