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John Berger at 90: The Verso podcast in collaboration with London Review Bookshop

Sarah Shin31 October 2016

John Berger at 90: The Verso podcast in collaboration with London Review Bookshop

John Berger has revolutionised our understanding of art, politics, language, media, society and everyday experience since his landmark book and TV series Ways of Seeing over forty years ago.

As the internationally influential critic, novelist, film-maker, dramatist and storyteller enters his ninetieth year, the latest Verso podcast in collaboration with the London Review Bookshop celebrates his life and work.

Gareth Evans is joined by Tom Overton, editor of Landscapes: John Berger on Art, Yasmin Gunaratnam, editor of A Jar of Wild Flowers, and Mike Dibb, film-maker and director of Ways of Seeing, to explore Berger's art and politics, the evolution of his own way of seeing, and its enduring relevance.

Several books are being published this autumn in tribute to Berger, who is Author of the Month at the London Review Bookshop:
- Landscapes: John Berger on Art edited by Tom Overton (Verso), a companion volume to Portraits: John Berger on Artists
- A Jar of Wild Flowers edited by Yasmin Gunaratnam with Amarjit Chandan (Zed) collects essays by writers including Ali Smith, Sally Potter, Ram Rahman, Hsiao-Hung Pai and others
- Confabulations (Penguin), through Berger's drawings, notes, memories and reflections explores language
- John Berger: Collected Poems (Smokestack)collects Berger's poetry in English for the first time
- The Long White Thread of Words: Poems for John Berger (Smokestack), edited by Amarjit Chandan, Yasmin Gunaratnam and Gareth Evans
- Lapwing & Fox (Collectif), a series of conversations in correspondence sent between Berger and his friend, artist and film-maker John Christie.

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