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"Delicate and absorbing"—The Nation on Jeremy Harding's Mother Country

Julie McCarroll15 November 2010

The Nation calls Jeremy Harding's  Mother Country "a delicate and absorbing account of Harding's investigation into the circumstances of his adoption" in a lovely new review of the book.

John Palattella, The Nation's books editor, goes on to describe how

with persistence and luck, Harding learns his natural mother's identity and discovers, contrary to his belief, that Margaret is alive and living in West London near the housing projects where she was pregnant with him. But the book's big surprise concerns [his adoptive mother] Maureen. From discussions with old friends of Margaret's, Harding learns that there were no Dalmatians or skiing trips for Maureen. Rather, there was a childhood in public housing and later a marriage (her first, and not to Jeremy's adoptive father) that catapulted her from a hardscrabble life into a world of leisure.

Visit the Nation to read the review in full.

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