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World Wide Work on Rebel Rank and File

Clara Heyworth 9 December 2010

In the latest edition of the World Wide Work newsletter, Rebel Rank and File is summed up as "an important collection ... honest and thoughtful."

Many young people today have heard about movements from the 1960s to the early 1980s involving civil rights, women's liberation, environmental protection, equality for gays and lesbians, opposition to the Vietnam War, and more. But few know that during that same period there was a widespread upsurge among workers in many industries, challenging corporate interests as well as old guard union leaders. Thousands of workers engaged in illegal strikes, slowdowns, and other militant actions that are hard to imagine in today's climate. In this important collection of essays, authors with a range of leftist ideological leanings describe the upheavals that took place in a variety of industries. For the most part, they make a real effort to be honest and thoughtful, to avoid romanticizing, and to explore what could have been done differently so that the greatest worker rebellion since the 1930s might have had more lasting impact.

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The New York launch for Rebel Rank and File will take place in February at the Brecht Forum.

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