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Socialist Studies reviews The New Old World

Clara Heyworth 6 June 2010

In a review for Socialist Studies (the journal of the Society for Socialist Studies), Jordy Cummings describes Perry Anderson's The New Old World as "necessary reading."

Combining the literary panache that is the hallmark of the Anglophone Marxist tradition and a penchant for humorous quips, [The New Old World is] necessary reading for anyone seeking a critical understanding of the EU. With ‘no' votes in referenda to harmonize Europe-wide neoliberalism, the uprising of the ‘Banlieue' in France, the election of a Communist government in Cyprus, militant uprisings in Greece, and the recent rebuke to the European Union's rich countries and banks by the government of Iceland, socialist inquiry ignores Europe at its peril.

Visit Socialist Studies to read the review in full.

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