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Chelsea Manning is released today

Anne Rumberger17 May 2017

Chelsea Manning, source of the biggest classified leak in US history, is being released from Fort Leavenworth military prison on May 17, her thirty-five-year sentence commuted by President Obama in one of his last acts of office.

What does her case mean? What impact did her leaks of diplomatic cables and war logs from the Iraq and Afghan wars have on US foreign policy, and elsewhere? What are the lasting consequences for transgender dignity and justice both in and out of the US military? And what does this story of whistleblower martyrdom mean in the age of President Trump, who praised Wikileaks on the campaign trail but has since vowed to hunt down leakers in his administration?

About the speakers:

Chase Strangio is an ACLU attorney who has represented Manning in her fight for transgender justice in military prisons.

Chase Madar is a former civil rights lawyer and author of The Passion of [Chelsea] Manning: The Story behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower.

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