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Adam Greenfield on Radical Technologies

In these videos, leading technology thinker Adam Greenfield urges us to reconsider our relationship with the networked objects, services and spaces that define us. It is time to re-evaluate the Silicon Valley consensus determining the future.

Adam Greenfield 1 August 2017

Adam Greenfield on Radical Technologies

Everywhere we turn, startling new devices promise to transfigure our lives. But at what cost?

In these videos, Adam Greenfield, author of Radical Technologies, explores the real dangers of AI,  explains why we need a post-human politics for a post-human economy, and examines the ideology at the heart of silicon valley.

"It is inescapable that those determining the shape of our choices when engaging with Information Technology are physically and culturally located in a very small region. Apple, Facebook, and Google are within a stones throw of each other, and even though they recruit from all over the world, there is an astonishing physic self-similarity among the people who work there, whatever their national or cultural origin." 

"The really troubling implication of artificial intelligence for the world of work is this: it will not be limited to automating away physical labour" 

"More and more of us are actually unnecessary to the operations of the economy... We need a posthuman politics for a posthuman economy"


Adam Greenfield was previously a rock critic, bike messenger and psychological operations specialist in the US Army. He has spent over a decade working in the design and development of networked digital information technologies and is Senior Urban Fellow at the LSE Cities centre of the London School of Economics.  He is the author of Radical Technologies.