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Israeli embassy promotes Gideon Levy's UK book tour

Tom Penn17 August 2010

The Jerusalem Post's Isi Leibler reports on how the Israeli embassy in the UK has been promoting Gideon Levy's forthcoming events in London, organized to launch his new book The Punishment of Gaza.

Over the years I have encountered many cases of incompetence and blunders on the part of those responsible for promoting the case for Israel on a global level, but nothing quite as bizarre as what I experienced a few days ago.

My initial instinct was that the e-mail was a hoax and I urged my informant to obtain further clarification from the embassy.

I was then informed that Brodsky [Michael Brodsky, the embassy's Director of Public Affairs Department] had indeed released the communication, justifying it on the grounds that it was being directed "to a small group of Jewish activists in order to inform them about an anti-Israeli event taking place in London."

Visit the Jerusalem Post to read the article in full.

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