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Verso Spring 2018 Catalogue

Introducing our Spring 2018 list! See all our forthcoming books and read exclusive extracts from Eric Hazan, Teresa Thornhill, and our new biography of Karl Marx. 

Verso Books 5 October 2017

Verso Spring 2018 Catalogue

Our Sping 2018 list includes a new theory of money from Michel Aglietta, a fascinating portrait of the Black Panthers in Algiers by Elaine Mokhtefi, and a history of council housing from John Boughton. In April we publish Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump by Asad Haider, and later in the Spring Black Radical Tradition  an epic collection of revolutionary theory from slavery to Black Power and Black Feminism.

In the 200th year of Karl Marx's birth we have a significant new biography of Marx by Sven Eric-Liedman, a new edition of Yvonne Kapp's monumental biography of Eleanor Marx, and a new set of Radical Thinkers themed around – you guessed it – Marx!

2018 is also the 50th anniversary of 1968. To mark this incredible year we are publishing new editions of Tariq Ali's Street-Fighting Years, Raymond Williams' May Day Manifesto, and lots more.

Books publishing to coincide with both these anniversaries are marked throughout the catalogue – look for the "MARX 200" and "1968" icons.

You will also find exclusive preview extracts of Eric Hazan's A Walk Through Paris, Teresa Thornhill's first-hand account of Syrian refugees in a Greek refugee camp, Aaron Bastani's Fully Automated Luxury Communism (now delayed until the Autumn!), and more.

Download the PDF of the 2018 catalogue here or read below!