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Audio: Ronald Grigor Suny on Reconsidering Russia

Ronald Grigor Suny discusses the Russian Revolution and its historiography. 

Verso Books 9 October 2017

Ronald Suny, 2017. via YouTube.

Historian Ronald Grigor Suny, whose Red Flag Unfurled: History, Historians, and the Russian Revolution is out from Verso in November, appeared recently on the Reconsidering Russia podcast. 

In this interview, Dr. Suny discusses the history of his grandfather – the composer Grikor Suni – and his experience of the Russian Revolution, the Revolution in Transcaucasia, Stepan Shahumyan and the Baku Commune, and the issue of class and nationality in the Russian Revolution. This interview also includes discussions of Dr. Suny’s work with Leopold Haimson at Columbia, his close friendship with Moshe Lewin, Revisionism vs. Authoritarianism in Soviet and Russian historiography, and the recent push for “de-communization” in Armenia.

Suny's many other books include The Baku Commune, 1917-1918: Class and Nationality in the Russian RevolutionThe Soviet Experiment: Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States and A State of Nations: Empire and Nation-making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin, and A State of Nations: Empire and Nation-making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin.

Listen to the full interview below. 

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