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The Right to the City: Free Ebook Download

50 years on from Lefebvre's The Right to the City we ask, who is the city for? This free ebook report includes contributions from Anna Minton, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, David Adler, Huw Lemmey, and more.

Verso Books 8 November 2017

The Right to the City: Free Ebook Download

[image from Explore Everything by Bradley Garrett]

In 1968, the French Marxist philosopher Henri Lefebvre wrote “Le Droite a la Ville” (“The Right to the City”), which has become one of the most essential texts in radical geography and urban studies. It transformed the way we think about urban life and the right to make and remake our cities, and ourselves. Fifty years on, the question of who is the city is for, and why, is more urgent than ever.

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In this special ebook report (free to download!), some of the most important voices in the current debate on the right to city are gathered to debate what Lefebvre originally intended and what it might mean today within the neoliberal urban world. How these ideas help us to understand the contemporary struggle in housing; how to protest gentrification; the privatisation of public spaces; and the demand for places of self expression, and the security of home. The collection also explores how these ideas can be used in other fields—such as digital space and the Internet of Things.

Contributors include David Adler, Neil Brenner, Bradley Garrett, Andrea Gibbons, Huw Lemmey, David Madden & Peter Marcuse, Andy Merrifield, Anna Minton, Don Mitchell, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Nina Power, Dubravka Sekulić, Joe Shaw & Mark Graham, and Alex Vasudevan.

Download the ebook by clicking above or read more here.

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