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Verso End-of-Year Sale!

Our end-of-year sale has ended for 2017.

Verso Books26 December 2017

Verso End-of-Year Sale!

Our end of year has ended for 2017.

Includes free bundled ebooks with every print purchase (where the ebook is available) and free shipping with a minimum purchase.

See our End of Year Highlights and Gift Guide for lots of reading suggestions! You can also browse our other reading lists here. See all our books here.

Here are further reading lists and series:

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Corbyn's Momentum: Essential Verso Reading
US Politics Reading List
The Global Climate Crisis and Capitalism
A Migrant Solidarity Reading List
Philosophy: A Verso Bookshelf
Architecture and Cities: A Verso Bookshelf 
Feminism: A Verso Bookshelf
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Black Radical Thought: A Verso Bookshelf
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Art: A Verso Bookshelf
Verso Radical Thinkers
Verso Futures series
Jacobin series
The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg
Verso Feminist Classics

** not all our books are available in ebook format

** ends January 1, 11am PST

** Just a little note on our ebooks: if you buy a print book from Verso and the ebook exists, then we will bundle the digital edition for FREE. You can start reading the ebook right away, then switch to the print edition when it arrives at your home, search digitally for a reference or quote while you’re at work or on the move, and then give away the print copy to a friend or comrade. The DRM-free ebook remains yours forever – on your e-reader or laptop, as well as in your library on the Verso website, available to read or download again at any time

** we have free shipping with minimum purchase and free bundled ebook with every print purchase (where available)

** Our ebook instructions are here – All of our ebooks will work on any of your devices, and are watermarked and DRM-free

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