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Jon Snow on Gideon Levy

Tamar Shlaim25 August 2010

Jon Snow was in conversation with Gideon Levy at two events in London this week, and blogged about the first on the Channel 4 website:

To Amnesty International last night for a session with Gideon Levy the iconic columnist (the Twilight Zone) of the widely regarded Haaretz newspaper. He’s an increasingly lone voice in Israeli journalism, urging his fellow countryman to recognise what their illegal occupation of Palestinian lands is doing to their own society, their own country.

An extraordinarily lyrical speaker in a language that is not his own, Levy’s spoken words flow as his written work does. It was an evening of extraordinary insight into present-day Israel and the changes the country has gone through—particularly in the last two decades. He’s here to promote his book The Punishment of Gaza.

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