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Radical Broadcasts: Theory On TV

Radical Broadcasts is an archive television season which will screen across London throughout April and May 2018. An exciting and provocative combination of documentary archive footage, and drama drawing attention to an era of British television where public intellectuals and theory were never far from our screens. The screenings will take place at Whitechapel Gallery, Institut-Francais, Horse Hospital and BIMI – further information on each event below.

Verso Books 9 March 2018

Still from Yippies

Curated by Matthew Harle and Colm McAuliffe with The Whitechapel Gallery and Verso books.

19th April, Whitechapel Gallery: Cultural Studies Invades TV

The Yippies Invade The David Frost Show

London Weekend Television | 1970 | 52mins

Richard Hoggart: Why Culture?
BBC | 1973 | 58mins

Stuart Hall: It Ain't Half Racist, Mum (1979)
BBC | 1979 | 30mins


25th April, Horse Hospital: Radical Psychiatry

RD Laing on Good Afternoon

Thames TV | 1977 | 21 mins

Sigmund Freud’s The Rat Man
BBC | 1972 | 54mins


5th May, Whitechapel Gallery: Revolution in the Revolution

Today's History: Whatever Happened to Marx?

Channel 4 | 1983 | 26mins

John Berger: Parting Shots from Animals

BBC | 1980 | 56mins

Edward Said: The Idea of Empire

BBC | 1993 | 60mins


16th May, Institut Francais: French Theory in Britain

Television Degree Zero: The Late Show - Roland Barthes

BBC | 1990 | 44mins

Talking Liberties: Helene Cixous, Julia Kristeva and Jacques Derrida

Channel 4 | 1992 | 30mins


17th May, Birkbeck Institute For The Moving Image : Landscapes of Culture: Raymond Williams on TV

One Pair Of Eyes: Border Country

BBC | 1970 | 60mins

Where We Live Now: The Country and the City

BBC | 1979 | 61mins

Raymond Williams: A Tribute

Channel 4 | 1988 | 30mins