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Verso Autumn 2018 Catalogue

Highlights and preview extracts from our Autumn 2018 catalogue! Featuring new books from Mike Davis, Jenny Hval, Laboria Cuboniks, John McDonnell and much more.

Verso Books 5 April 2018

Verso Autumn 2018 Catalogue

Our list for Autumn 2018 includes Mike Davis's highly anticipated Old Gods, New Enigmas—a celebration of Marx's own work 200 years after his birth, and an exploration of his thinking on history, labour, capitalism, and revolution. We have Joshua Sperling's biography of John Berger—the first to be released since his death in 2017, and also Oli Mould's brilliant take-down of contemporary 'creativity' which, he argues, is a regime that prioritises individual success over collective flourishing.

In September we will publish a proposal for a new economics that benefits the many—edited and introduced by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, including contributions from Faiza Shaheen, Barry Gardiner, Prem Sikka, Ann Pettifor, Paul Mason, and Rebecca Long-Bailey, amongst others. Then in October we publish Anabel Hernández's shocking account of the mass disappearance of forty-three Mexican students in 2014—and what happened to them.

We will be publishing Laboria Cuboniks's extraordinary The Xenofeminist Manifesto, an articulation of a future feminism that takes on twenty-first century technology, to investigate both its oppressive and emancipatory possibilities. In Betraying Big Brother Leta Hong Fincher traces the rise of China's new feminist consciousness and the globally renowned Feminist Five, and in Paradise Rot, Norwegian musician Jenny Hval's heady, political and hyper-sensual debut novel, the lines between bodies and plants, and dreaming and wakefulness begin to blur.

In The Reform of Europe Michel Aglietta proposes a powerful and progressive programme for the eurozone, arguing that the 2010 eurozone crisis instilled a political disunity and generated a long period of economic stagnation. Then in The New Faces of Fascism Enzo Traverso asks the crucial question: what does fascism mean at the beginning of the twenty-first century? 

Plus, read preview excerpts from some of our Autumn 2018 highlights on the Verso blog, including Jenny Hval's Paradise Rot, Elaine Mokhtefi's Algiers, Third World Capital: Black Panthers, Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, and Eileen Truax's We Built the Wall.

See ALL our Autumn 2018 highlights by viewing the PDF online here or by clicking below.