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What's Disgusting? Union Busting!

Julie McCarroll18 February 2011

This week in Wisconsin, governor Scott Walker attempted to strip state, county and municipal employees of their collective bargaining rights; an assault not just on workers, but on a Wisconsin tradition of respecting unions in the state.

John Nichols, author of The "S" Word—a history of Socialism in America—reports on the ground from Wisconsin today, describing a victory for Wisconsin workers.

"Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites were demanding to be heard," explained state Senator Mark Miller, the Democratic minority leader in the chamber. "We hear them."

And they responded. At the rally Thursday night where those tens of thousands of Wisconsinites celebrated the walk out by the Democratic senators, they chanted: "This is what democracy looks like."

On Monday night, Nichols delivered a rousing defense of Wisconsin workers at the Madison rally:

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