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The Coming of the Body awarded a B by The Complete Review

Clara Heyworth13 August 2010

In his review of Hervé Juvin's The Coming of the Body for The Complete Review, Michael Orthofer decides the book "offers much food for thought" ...

In The Coming of the Body Hervé Juvin argues that we have moved into an age of the primacy of the body: medicine (and a few other factors) have greatly extended average life expectancy while also giving us almost complete control over procreation, leading to a world with entirely different priorities and values than previously. Demographics across the world show an incredible shift to an aging population—though economic foundations have not yet been adapted to support it (long term), from basics such as raising the mandatory retirement age. The body can be kept alive, but health costs increase dramatically with (old) age; the politically dominant geezer generation can insist that resources—relatively plentiful, for now, in the industrialised world—be allocated to it rather than elsewhere, which results in, in many ways, determining our futures.

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