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Radical Publishing: What Are We Struggling For?

Tamar Shlaim28 February 2011

The 19th of March will see the ICA in London host a one day event on "the relationship between protest and print" looking at how publishing "has helped galvanise and articulate dissent" and asking how radical publishers today can relate to contemporary protest.

Several Verso authors will take part in the panels on the day  including Peter Hallward author of Damming the Flood, Hilary Wainwright author of Reclaim the State and Richard Seymour, author of The Liberal Defence of Murder and the blog Lenin's Tomb.

Last year's student protests saw a new generation take to the streets. Much was made of the vandalism and disruption that occurred, with some arguing it eclipsed the protests' intentions - but were the students' demands ever clearly articulated? Did the protestors know what they were struggling for?

For one day, the ICA will host some of the UK's most exciting radical thinkers, published by British radical publishers such as Verso, Zed Books, Zero Books, Pluto Press and AK Press, to grapple with these issues and more.

From 12pm to 5pm, four panels will explore topics such as:

Tactics of Struggle: with John Holloway, David Graeber and Carrot Workers

New Psychic Landscapes: with Franco Berardi 'Bifo', Mark Fisher and Saul Newman

New Public: with Peter Hallward, Hilary Wainwright and Richard Seymour

New Economics: with Andrew Simms, Milford Bateman and Ann Pettifor

This event is organised as a collaboration between the ICA and Through Europe, with special thanks to Associate Producer Federico Campagna.

Visit the ICA for more information and booking.