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Tom Mills on reforming the UK media

Tom Mills, author The BBC: Myth of a Public Service, discusses the problems of the UK media, the Labour Party leadership's proposals for media reform, and the media class's aversion to workplace democracy with Alex Doherty on the Politics Theory Other podcast

Alex Doherty10 September 2018

Tom Mills on reforming the UK media

Politics Theory Other is a weekly political podcast. The show aims to  bring the work of writers on the radical left to a broader public and to encourage popular engagement with work that is sometimes considered  "academic" or "difficult". The show also aims to encourage engagement between the Marxist left and those working in the traditions of cultural  studies and post-structuralist theory. 

Recent shows have included episodes on Labour and anti-semitism (with Richard Seymour), Xenofeminism (with Patricia Reed), the financial crash (with Adam Tooze), Silicon Valley and the democratisation of technology (with Wendy Liu), and Jeremy Gilbert on Maurizio Lazzarato and the reception of French theory in the anglophone world. 

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