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"Eisenberg channels Luxemburg"

Clara Heyworth 3 March 2011

Ahead of the March 14th New York launch of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg,where writer and actress Deborah Eisenberg will give special readings, Philip Weiss of the essential Mondoweiss shares his enthusiasm:

And here's something I'm going to try to get to the following week in New York. On the night of March 14, the great Deborah Eisenberg, a supporter of Jewish Voice for Peace, author of Under the 82d Airborne and of short stories that defined a generation of New Yorkers, Transactions in a Foreign Currency, will read from a new Verso collection, The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg. A lot of history converging that night.

For more on the March 14th event, see "The Life, Letters and Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg."

To read Philip Weiss' post in full, and to access excellent comment and analysis on the Middle East, visit Mondoweiss.