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Verso Spring 2019 Catalogue

Our Spring 2019 catalogue is here! Featuring new books from Fredric Jameson, Natasha Lennard, Priyamvada Gopal, James Meek and more.

Verso Books14 November 2018

Verso Spring 2019 Catalogue

Our Spring 2019 list includes a groundbreaking new work on the allegorical form by leading theorist Fredric Jameson, Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya and Nancy Fraser's manifesto for feminism's 99%, Orwell Prize-winning journalist James Meek's anatomy of Britain on the edge of Brexit, and Natasha Lennard's essays on violence and anti-fascism, certainty and lies, sex and ghosts. We also have a brand new book from Frédéric Gros about the concept of 'security', in which he traces the genealogy of the idea of security from ancient Greece to the war on terrorism.

January will mark the centennial anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s murder, with Klaus Gietinger's The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg offering a careful reconstruction of the events of that fateful night. Gietinger digs deep into the archives to identify who exactly was responsible for the murder, and what forces in high-placed positions had a hand in facilitating it and protecting the culprits.

The catalogue has been redesigned so it's easier to locate titles: new books in the front of the catalogue, followed by new in paperback titles, and then new editions – each with their own index page.

See ALL our Spring 2019 highlights by viewing the PDF online here or by clicking below.