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Joshua Clover: in praise of A Companion to Marx's Capital

Clara Heyworth 5 September 2010

In an extended article for the Nation entitled "Busted: Stories of the Financial Crisis", poet Joshua Clover sings the praises of David Harvey's A Companion to Marx's Capital, citing the new book as "without a doubt one of the two best companions to Marx's [Capital]."

David Harvey has been teaching courses on Capital for more than three decades; his seminar is freely available at various sites online. Now it arrives in published form. A geographer by trade, Harvey is particularly brilliant on the spatial dimensions of economics (as in his landmark earlier work, The Limits to Capital). But A Companion to Marx's Capital is at once sleeker and more lucid, communicating the theoretical nuances of dialectical thought and the history of struggles over the length of the working day with marvelous grace. It is without a doubt one of the two best companions to Marx's pivotal work (the other is Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho's Marx's Capital). One can glean much of the primary text's character from reading Harvey's companion alone; Harvey is rightly insistent that they be read in tandem.

Visit the Nation to read the article in full.

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