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"The Best Thing I Read this Weekend: The Bonds of Debt"

Clara Heyworth21 March 2011

In a posting today for the Seattle Stranger's blog, Slog, Charles Mudede lets on that he'll be reviewing Richard Dienst's The Bonds of Debt next month and in the meantime cites it as "the best thing I read this weekend." Mudede goes on,

The most original thing about Dienst's reading of debt, a reading that is very close to the truth, is that it locates it at the very center of human sociality. We are naturally indebted; each of us owes so much to people we know and do not know. To be an animal whose sociality has a significant cultural component is to have a high degree of indebtedness. The less an animal is culturally social, the less debts it has.

Visit Slog to read the post in full, and watch this space for Mudede's full review when it appears.