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New Left Review, Double Issue Now Online

A special issue exploring the tensions of the global conjuncture across three domains: the dynamics of world capitalism, the clash of forces in the political arena, the multifarious production of meaning in the realm of culture.

New Left Review 7 June 2019

New Left Review, Double Issue Now Online

With the far right set to sweep the Euro elections, Matteo Pucciarrelli’s scintillating portrait of Italy’s new strongman, ‘Salvini Ascendant’, analyses the factors – broken party system, Eurozone stagnation, Renzi’s record – that paved his path to power.

Reading Hayek against the grain, Evgeny Morozov ask whether digital feedback infrastructures can open a path to new, non-market forms of social coordination.


Also in NLR 116/117:

An unofficial May Fourth Manifesto, posted by ‘young pioneers’ in solidarity with detained students and exploited workers, rapidly taken down from the internet in China.

Stathis Kouvelakis on the group dynamics and programme of the Gilets Jaunes, read through the lens of the Prison Notebooks.

Die Linke’s Bundestag member Christine Buchholz discusses the German political landscape under Merkel and left debates on how best to counter the ascent of the AfD.

America’s new left: five DSA members discuss the meteoric rise and strategic dilemmas of their organization.

Emma Fajgenbaum explores the work of Pedro Costa, one of the most innovative current practitioners of a cinema from below.

Joseph North replies to Francis Mulhern on questions of radical aesthetic education.

Mary Mellor brings insights from feminist economics to bear on the environmental strategy debate.


Book Reviews

Cédric Durand on Adam Tooze, Crashed. What conceptual framework underpins this epic account of the financial crisis?

Michael Rustin on Anthony Barnett, Lure of Greatness. The role of post-imperial pathologies in the multinational kingdom’s dysfunctional bid for Brexit.

Jan Breman on Michael Levien, Dispossession without Development. India’s soaring real-estate market through the eyes of its excluded.

Grey Anderson on Julian Jackson, A Certain Idea of France. Can the latest life of de Gaulle rescue him from the enormous condescension of Atlantic liberalism?


Join NLR in discussion with Evgeny Morozov and Brian Eno at the Barbican in London on 13 June: