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Natasha Lennard on non-fascist life

Natasha Lennard on whether or not Donald Trump and the movement that has coalesced around him ought to be characterised as fascist and the history of anti-fascist violence and its treatment by the media, with Alex Doherty on the Politics Theory Other podcast. 

Alex Doherty14 August 2019

Natasha Lennard on non-fascist life

Politics Theory Other is a weekly political podcast. The show aims to  bring the work of writers on the radical left to a broader public and to encourage popular engagement with work that is sometimes considered  "academic" or "difficult". The show also aims to encourage engagement between the Marxist left and those working in the traditions of cultural  studies and post-structuralist theory. 

Recent shows have included episodes on Brexit (with Richard Seymour), populism (with Thea Riofrancos), the financial crisis (with Adam Tooze), Islamophobia and the War on Terror (with Nisha Kapoor), and Jeremy Gilbert on Maurizio Lazzarato and the reception of French theory in the anglophone world. 

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