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New Left Review, Latest Issue Now Online

In this edition: Perry Anderson on left liberalism, Aaron Benanav on automation theory, and more.

New Left Review21 October 2019

New Left Review, Latest Issue Now Online

Will the mass of humanity really be left wageless as digitized automation spreads across the world of work? In the latest NLR, Aaron Benanav’s landmark engagement with the new automation theorists, the first in a two-part reappraisal of the global relations between technological advance and labour-market dysfunction.

From Woodrow Wilson to Geithner and Bernanke: in a century-spanning critique, Perry Anderson seeks clues to the politics and method behind Crashed, Adam Tooze’s magisterial account of the past decade, in the author’s wider oeuvre.

‘What is literary criticism for?’ Lola Seaton’s’s contribution to the debate between Francis Mulhern and Joseph North examines the interplay of personal experience and radical commitment in Raymond Williams’s thinking, and its contemporary rebound in the ‘hauntology’ of Mark Fisher.

Johnny Rodger meditates on the two-fold disappearance of the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Library, and Alain Supiot on the contestatory process of the law as key to interpretations of Kafka.

Book Reviews

Benjamin Kunkel on Bhaskar Sunkara’s Socialist Manifesto: lessons for the democratic-socialist transformation of the United States drawn from the failures of the twentieth century.

Robin Blackburn on Paul Collier’s The Future of Capitalism: a call from the self-proclaimed ‘hard centre’ for harsh taxes on the new asset-rich.

Susan Watkins on Kate Manne’s Down Girl: investigating a well-received moral-philosophical argument for a feminism of the 1 per cent.


Please join us in the Verso Loft in Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of NLR 119, the September-October issue. Aaron Benanav will discuss his major new essay on automation theory with Tony Wood.

Thursday, October 31


Verso Books’ Loft

20 Jay Street, Suite 1010

Brooklyn 11201

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