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Females by Andrea Long Chu

To celebrate the launch of Females, it's 40% off!

Verso Books 6 November 2019

Females by Andrea Long Chu

The long-awaited first book by Andrea Long Chu is out now and to celebrate, Females is 40% off until Monday, November 11 at 11:59PM EST.

Check out a video of Andrea speaking on desire, Valerie Solanas, and the merits of provocation.

“One of the most exciting critics working today.”  – Lila Shapiro, New York Magazine  

“Desire deserves a description. So does the gender self-loathing of the ‘female’ who is, it turns out, ‘all of us.’ With these theses, Andrea Long Chu inspires thrilled and dark passions because she has them and because she believes in smart and smarting arguments for them. The sentences are alive and veer toward surprise but also toward a tender wish for an easier conventional life for gender.”  – Lauren Berlant, author of The Female Complaint

“A thrilling provocation, a funny and surprisingly tender memoir, a bold move, a dare. She’s our most reliable trickster, and this is the book everyone will be talking about.”  – Andrea Lawlor, author of Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl

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“Everyone is female, and everyone hates it.”So begins Andrea Long Chu’s genre-defying investigation into sex and lies, desperate artists and reckless politics, the smothering embrace of gender and ...

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