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After Geoengineering | Holly Jean Buck

Is it possible to repair our climate? In these videos, Holly Jean Buck discusses the social and political transformations needed to repair our relationship to the earth. She is the author of After Geoengineering: Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration.

Verso Books27 November 2019

After Geoengineering | Holly Jean Buck

Can we reverse climate change?

As the world warms and wild fires, hurricanes, and flooding multiplies, what exactly is reversible at this stage?

What happens after geoengineering?

What does a technological intervention into the climate crisis look like long term? There is an opportunity now to use technologies to get through the current crisis point; intervening with an ethos of care, without domination or mastery.

After Geoengineering: Holly Jean Buck | the full interview

Is it possible to repair our climate? So far the Left has (reasonably) rejected technological interventions, but what if these technologies were democratically controlled, researched, and collectively owned? What might that look like?

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Both critical and utopian, speculative and realistic, After Geoengineering presents a series of possible futures. Rejecting the idea that technological solutions are some kind of easy workaround, Holly Jean Buck outlines the kind of social transformation that will be necessary to repair our relationship to the earth if we are to continue living here.

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After Geoengineering
Climate engineering is a dystopian project. But as the human species hurtles ever faster towards its own extinction, geoengineering as a temporary fix, to buy time for carbon removal, is a seductiv...

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