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The Harvard Crimson delivers more praise for Perec's use of form and content

Morgan Buck29 March 2011

Yet another stellar review for The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise. In a March 29 review, James McAuley of the Harvard Crimson extols Georges Perec for his legendarily playful use of language and thematic expression.

Elusive French writer Georges Perec may have died in 1982, but thanks to the recent reissue of an oft-forgotten literary experiment from his later years, his humor and his cunning live again. Published in book form for the first time and translated into English by Perec's biographer, Princeton's David Bellos, Perec's delightfully odd The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise paints a playful portrait of the neurotic corporate mind as it attempts to construct a logical template for financial success and-in a more abstract sense-human recognition.

Visit the Harvard Crimson to read the review in full.