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New Left Review, In the latest issue

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19 December 2019

New Left Review, In the latest issue

Hardt and Negri’s Empire was, for many, a key text for the era of globalization. Here the authors revisit and update their theses for the age of Trump.

Also in NLR 120

Amid fresh rounds of political turbulence in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia, Juan Carlos Monedero deploys the resources of state theory, from Gramsci to Poulantzas, to illuminate the experience of left governments in Latin America. Carlo Ginzburg investigates the political emotion of shame. Rohana Kuddus, author of a panoramic survey of Indonesia in NLR 104, reports on the youth revolt that has shaken the archipelago. Extinction Rebel Zion Lights discusses the climate militants’ novel organizational strategies. Nicholas Mulder examines Jean-Claude Juncker’s career, as synecdoche for the political culture of the EU. Aaron Benanav concludes his two-part analysis of technological revolution and global labour-market dysfunction.

Plus book reviews: Owen Hatherley on the extraordinary mud-brick modernism of Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy; Emma Fajgenbaum on Chantal Akerman’s final text; Oliver Eagleton on Richard Seymour’s Marxian-Freudian pathology of Twitter.

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