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The birth of a movement: Morning Star's Alex Miller on Springtime

Kaitlin Staudt15 April 2011

In a review of  Springtime for Morning Star, Alex Miller describes the book as

[An] excellent and attractively produced volume ... a collection of mainly short pieces on the wave of student radicalism that began to surge through Britain in the autumn and winter of last year.

It contains  illuminating eyewitness testimony from the London demonstrations including a piece by Jody McIntyre, the disabled activist thrown out of his wheelchair by police, and many useful and informative pieces exposing the utter hollowness of the neo liberal rationale for attacking publicly funded education.

These are well represented among the many inspiring illustrations in the volume. Police batons aimed at Goethe's Faust and Spinoza's Ethics just about sums up the vandalism visited on our culture by the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Berlusconi and Sarkozy.

As Claire Solomon puts it in the opening essay, instead of the death of education we have seen the birth of a movement.

Visit Morning Star to read the review in full.

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