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New Left Review, Back to School Offer

In the latest issue: Göran Therborn on the global middle classes, Lola Seaton on eco-nationalism and more

14 September 2020

New Left Review, Back to School Offer

25% off any first-time subscription until September 30th

In the latest issue

NLR 124 opens with Simon Hammond's major retrospective on the life and work of Peter Wollen: pioneering critic, theorist and avant-garde film-maker - and longstanding comrade of the Review.

Also in NLR 124

Göran Therborn surveys the trajectories of the world’s vast intermediate classes – rising in the South, stagnating or sinking in the North – under the impact of the ‘Great Unequalizer’, Covid-19. Lola Seaton on eco-nationalism as green strategy; Gavin Rae on Poland’s mirror to the West; Alice Bamford’s bravura treatment of Bourbaki’s mathematical manifestos; Franco Moretti reassesses the research methodologies of close and distant reading.

Plus book reviews: Alpa Shah on the rise of Modi; Nick Burns on a leading light of the American New Right; Oliver Eagleton on the generational divide.

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