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New Left Review, Latest Issue Now Online

In NLR 125: Perry Anderson on Ukania, Susan Watkins on the politics of the pandemic

22 October 2020

New Left Review, Latest Issue Now Online

In the latest issue

Beset by interlocking crises, is the UK once again haunted by the spectre of decline? Perry Anderson provides an analysis that spans economy, polity, ideology, territory and diplomacy, testing out how far the original theses proposed by NLR to understand the country’s plight may still apply – or require adaptation – for the present.

Also in NLR 125

Susan Watkins surveys the political impact of COVID-19 across the contrasted regimes of Vizcarra, Bolsonaro, Merkel, Modi, Xi and Trump; John Grahl investigates the Eurozone’s dollar dependence; Sophie Pinkham examines the situation of culture in Russia; Marcus Verhagen questions the discourse of ‘slow art’.

Plus book reviews: Aaron Benanav on world-economic asymmetries; Laura Kipnis on sexual politics; John-Baptiste Oduor on the iconoclastic philosophy of Raymond Geuss.

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