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PTO: What happened to the 'blue wave'?

Adom Getachew and Branko Marcetic on the US election results, why the 'blue wave' failed to materialise and how Joe Biden will govern with a Republican senate and a republican majority on the supreme court, with Alex Doherty on the Politics Theory Other podcast.

5 November 2020

PTO: What happened to the 'blue wave'?

Politics Theory Other · What happened to the 'blue wave'? w/ Adom Getachew and Branko Marcetic

Politics Theory Other is a weekly political podcast. The show aims to  bring the work of writers on the radical left to a broader public and to encourage popular engagement with work that is sometimes considered  "academic" or "difficult". The show also aims to encourage engagement between the Marxist left and those working in the traditions of cultural  studies and post-structuralist theory.  Recent shows have included episodes on nonviolence (with Judith Butler), the Green New Deal (with Thea Riofrancos), the economic fallout from Covid-19 (with Adam Tooze), Islamophobia and the War on Terror (with Nisha Kapoor), and Philip Mirowski on whether Covid19 heralds the end of neoliberalism.   Support the podcast by becoming a subscriber via Patreon. [book-strip index="1" style="display"]
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