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"Ross Perlin leaps into the fray over internships"—Associated Press article on Intern Nation spreads like wildfire

Clara Heyworth20 April 2011

An Associated Press story on Intern Nation, drawing extensively on an interview with author Ross Perlin by Leanne Italie, is spreading the internship debate—and news of the groundbreaking book—like wildfire, with syndication to, among others, The Republic, Canadian Business Online, ABC News, Forbes, MSNBC ...

Believe it or not, the story opens with reference to Charlie Sheen, before, thankfully, segueing swiftly into the legality of many internships:

Charlie Sheen's paid tweet for an intern with tiger blood summoned 82,148 people hoping to serve the warlock.

As internships go, at least it's a paid gig with a real job description: eights weeks helping the actor with social media at $10 an hour. That's more than many interns get, said Ross Perlin, who leaps into the fray over internships in a new book, Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy (Verso Books). 

"The Charlie Sheen thing, it's the most competitive internship ever," Perlin told The Associated Press in an interview. "The most sought after, and it sort of beautifully sums up the absurdity of what's going on with this incredible explosion of internships."

Perlin views the competition for internships among college kids and even jobless grads and high schoolers, as not only absurd, but even legally questionable when measured against labor laws governing internships.

One of the many places to read the article in full is at the ABC News site. 

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