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70% off January sale

Includes Mike Davis, Grace Blakeley, Pankaj Mishra, and more.

Verso Books15 January 2021

70% off January sale

Until January 31st (23:59 EST) we have 70% off the following books (print editions only, excludes ebooks - however we do bundle the ebook for free with every print purchase!):

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Is the fall of ISIS the end of the perpetual war in the Middle East?

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A magisterial, riveting movement history of Los Angeles in the Sixties.

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The problem is not overpolicing, it is policing itself.

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A tartly hilarious and deeply affecting new novel from the best-selling author of Will and Testament.

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How should the left respond to electoral defeat, the leadership of Keir Starmer and a global crisis?

[book-strip index="6" style="buy"]

One of the most acclaimed essayists writing today on the political hysteria plaguing the West.

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Classic study of Marx by Japan’s leading critical theorist.

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What just happened and how did we get into this mess?

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An anthology of long-read book reviews by one of the European left’s foremost political economists.

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Following his best-selling A Philosophy of Walking Gros explores the philosophy of disobedience.

[book-strip index="11" style="buy"]

Why every worker should join a trade union.

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American history told from the vantage of immigration politics.

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A history of the IDF that argues that Israel is a nation formed by its army.

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How antifascism is as American as apple pie. AVAILABLE NOW AS A FREE EBOOK (SELECT EBOOK TAB ABOVE).

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A first-hand account of the complex, bloody history of Myanmar and the origins of the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas.

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How London was bought and sold by the Super-Rich, and what it means for the rest of us.

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A deeply affecting–and infuriating–portrait of the life and death of a courageous indigenous leader.

[book-strip index="18" style="buy"]

Mapping the class divisions that run throughout Europe.

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A shocking exposé of genocide denial in the aftermath of Rwanda 1994.

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A searing indictment of modern sexual politics.

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The first comprehensive, in-depth book on the Trump administration’s assault on asylum protections.

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A dramatic re-evaluation of the founding of the United States and the history of capitalism.

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The most comprehensive collection of feminist manifestos, chronicling our rage and dreams from the nineteenth century to today.

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The prophetic poetry of slavery and its abolition.

[book-strip index="25" style="buy"]

The rise of international jihad and Western ultra-nationalism.

[book-strip index="26" style="buy"]

The bestselling study of Jewish history.

[book-strip index="27" style="buy"]

The definitive account of the disappearance of forty-three Mexican students.

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A history of the UK’s regional inequalities, and why they matter.

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An urgent challenge to the prevailing moral order from one of the freshest, most compelling voices in radical politics today.

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Gripping behind-the-scenes story of Edward Snowden’s massive leak of US secret surveillance.

[book-strip index="31" style="buy"]

A brilliant probe into the political and psychological effects of our changing relationship with social media.

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“As compassionate as it is trenchant, this rare fiction is an illuminating guide through the great disorder of our times.” —Pankaj Mishra

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The first intellectual biography of the life and work of John Berger.

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What if there was another Moses, very different from the one we know?

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How all great powers decline—including the United States.

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A concise account of how revolutions made modern China and helped shape the modern world.

[book-strip index="37" style="buy"]

How the West’s obsession with Vladimir Putin prevents it from understanding Russia.

[book-strip index="38" style="buy"]

A fascinating portrait of life with the Black Panthers in Algiers: a story of liberation and radical politics.

Behind Enemy Lies
In this urgent and timely book, Patrick Cockburn writes the first draft of the history of the current crisis in the Middle East.Here he charts the period from the recapture of Mosul in 2017 to Tur...
Set the Night on Fire
Histories of the US sixties invariably focus on New York City, but Los Angeles was an epicenter of that decade’s political and social earthquake. L.A. was a launchpad for Black Power—where Malcolm ...
The End of Policing
The massive uprising following the police killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020--by some estimates the largest protests in US history--thrust the argument to defund the police to the forefr...
Long Live the Post Horn!
Ellinor, a 35-year-old media consultant, has not been feeling herself; she’s not been feeling much at all lately. Far beyond jaded, she picks through an old diary and fails to recognise the woman i...
Futures of Socialism
British politics is in an extraordinary place. Grace Blakeley introduces an indispensable collection of analysis and comment.In Futures of Socialism, Sam Gindin and James Meadway reassess socialist...
Bland Fanatics
Decades of violence and chaos have generated a political and intellectual hysteria—ranging from imperial atavism to paranoia about invading or hectically breeding Muslim hordes—that has affected ev...
Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility
Originally published in 1974, Kojin Karatani’s Marx: Towards the Centre of Possibility has been among his most enduring and pioneering works in critical theory. Written at a time when the political...
This is Not Normal
Since 2016, the UK has been in a crisis of its own making: but this is not the fault of Brexit but of a larger problem of our politics. The status of political parties, the mainstream media, public...
Critical Encounters
From the acclaimed author of How Will Capitalism End? comes an omnibus of long-form critical essays engaging with leading economists and thinkers. Critical Encounters draws on Wolfgang Streeck’s in...
The world is out of joint, so much so that disobeying should be an urgent act for everyone. In this provocative essay, Frédéric Gros explores the roots of political obedience, social conformity, ec...
Why You Should be a Trade Unionist
In this short and accessible book, Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union, presents the case for joining a trade union. Drawing on anecdotes from his own long involvement in unions, he...
All-American Nativism
It is often said that with the election of Donald Trump nativism was raised from the dead. After all, here was a president who organized his campaign around a rhetoric of unvarnished racism and xen...
An Army Like No Other
The Israeli army, officially named the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), was established in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, who believed that ‘the whole nation is the army’. In ...
The US Antifascism Reader
Since the birth of fascism in the 1920s, well before the global renaissance of “white nationalism,” the United States has been home to its own distinct fascist movements, some of which decisively i...
The Burmese Labyrinth
In 2011, Myanmar embarked in a democratic transition from a brutal military rule that culminated four years later, when the first free election in decades saw a landslide for the party of celebrate...
Alpha City
Who owns London? In recent decades, it has fallen into the hands of the super-rich. It is today the essential ‘World City’ for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. Compa...
Who Killed Berta Cáceres?
The very first time Honduran environmental activist Berta Càceres met the writer Nina Lakhani, Càceres said, “The army has an assassination list with my name at the top. I want to live, but in this...
Social Class in Europe
Over the last ten years the issue of Europe has been placed at the centre of major political conflicts, revealing profound splits in society. These splits are represented in terms of an opposition ...
Intent to Deceive
It is twenty-five years since the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi of Rwanda when in the course of three terrible months more than 1 million people were murdered. In the intervening years a pernicious ca...
What We Don't Talk About
What if we took sex out of the box marked ‘special’, either the worst or best thing that a human person can experience, and considered it within the complexity of reality? In this extraordinary boo...
The Dispossessed
Arnovis couldn’t stay in El Salvador. If he didn’t leave, a local gangster promised that his family would dress in mourning, that he would wake up with flies in his mouth. “It was like a bomb explo...
Radical Hamilton
In retelling the story of the radical Alexander Hamilton, Parenti rewrites the history of early America and the global economy. For much of the twentieth century, Hamilton—sometimes seen as the bad...
Burn It Down!
Burn It Down! is a testament to what is possible when women are driven to the edge. Collecting over seventy-five manifestos from around the world, Burn It Down! is a rallying cry and a call to acti...
The Black Romantic Revolution
During the pitched battle over slavery in the United States, Black writers - enslaved and free - allied themselves with the cause of abolition and used their art to advocate for emancipation and to...
The Management of Savagery
Since the 1970s, Washington has been secretly funding some of the worst terrorists in the Middle East. America has supported extremists with money and hardware, including enemies such as Bin Laden...
The Invention of the Jewish People

The Invention of the Jewish People

A historical tour de force, The Invention of the Jewish People offers a groundbreaking account of Jewish and Israeli history. Exploding the myth that there was a forced Jewish exile in the first ce...
A Massacre in Mexico
On September 26, 2014, 43 male students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College went missing in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. On route to a protest, local police intercepted the students and a conf...
The Northern Question
Britain has scarcely begun to come to terms with its recent upheavals, from the crisis over Brexit to the collapse of Labour’s 'red wall'. What can explain such momentous shifts?In this essential w...
Being Numerous
An urgent challenge to the prevailing moral order from one of the freshest, most compelling voices in radical politics todayBeing Numerous shatters the mainstream consensus on politics and personho...
Snowden's Box
One day in the spring of 2013, a box appeared outside a fourth-floor apartment door in Brooklyn, New York. The recipient, who didn’t know the sender, only knew she was supposed to bring this box to...
The Runaways
"Dazzling. A novel that holds up to scrutiny a world of claustrophobic war zones, virulent social media and cities collapsing upon themselves, and then sets it down again, transformed by the grace ...
A Writer of Our Time
John Berger was one of the most influential thinkers and writers of postwar Europe. As a novelist, he won the Booker Prize in 1972, donating half his prize money to the Black Panthers; as a TV pres...
A Woman Called Moses
According to tradition, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. Depicted there in suprising and contradicting ways, and both for and against his people, bringer of the tablets of law which h...
First-Class Passengers on a Sinking Ship
The extent and irreversibility of US decline is becoming ever more obvious as America loses war after war and as one industry after another loses its technological edge. Lachmann explains why the U...
China's Revolutions in the Modern World
China’s emergence as a twenty-first-century global economic, cultural, and political power is often presented as a story of what Chinese leader Xi Jinping calls the nation’s “great rejuvenation,” a...
Russia without Putin
It is impossible to think of Russia today without thinking of Vladimir Putin. More than any other major national leader, he personifies his country in the eyes of the outside world, and dominates W...
Algiers, Third World Capital
Mokhtefi (née Klein), a Jewish American from Long Island, has had an exhilarating life. In the 1960s, she served as a press adviser to the National Liberation Front in postwar Algiers, before going...