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How to Blow Up a Pipeline: A Verso Roundtable

Introducing this month's Verso Roundtable, a series of three articles in conversation with Andreas Malm's How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Verso Books25 January 2021

How to Blow Up a Pipeline: A Verso Roundtable

There can be no polite or cautious solution to the climate crisis, argues Andreas Malm in How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire. Saving the planet from the continued destructive growth of fossil capitalism will require a swift and decisive re-examination of some long-held mantras of the climate movement, including an adherence to tactics of non-violence. Calls for system change will go unheard, Malm stresses, until we hit extractive industries where they hurt: until we start blowing up pipelines. 

These following articles expand the debate and introduce its key ideas to new readers. A letter from the book's editor is also available to read here

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Part 1: Beyond Politics? The Aims and Limits of Extinction Rebellion by Graeme Hayes

Who are the activists of Extinction Rebellion, and how has their particular set of tactics come to set the limits for climate activism?


Part 2: Tactics and Traditions in the British and German Climate Movements by Alice Swift

Alice Swift on the history of Reclaim the Power and Ende Gelände.


Part 3: On Sabotage by R.H. Lossin 

The history of sabotage as a suppressed tool of the labor movement, and what it can bring to a new generation of climate activism. 

How to Blow Up a Pipeline
The science on climate change has been clear for a very long time now. Yet despite decades of appeals, mass street protests, petition campaigns, and peaceful demonstrations, we are still facing a...