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Deadline extended: Shooting Žižek - short film competition

Tamar Shlaim22 June 2011

Please note that the deadline has now been extended to 30 July. 

Verso and The Church of London  are pleased to announce a new short film competition to mark the publication of Slavoj Žižek's Living in the End Times. The competition is launched in the May/June issue of Little White Lies

Shooting Zizek creative brief:

The end is nigh, film it fast ...

Global capitalism is fast approaching its end times, says "the Elvis of cultural theory" Slavoj Žižek in his new book, Living In The End Times.

The upcoming zero-point is heralded by these ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse':

ECOLOGY: impending enviromental disaster
ECONOMY: the global financial meltdown
BIOLOGY: the biogenetic revolution and its impact on human identity
SOCIETY: social divisions leading to the explosion of protest and revolutions worldwide

But from the ashes of the coming crisis, is there opportunity for a new beginning?

To celebrate the launch of Living In The End Times in paperback, Verso Books and The Church of London are inviting filmmakers to submit short films which respond, in creative and innovative ways, to Žižek's theory of the end times.


The film - up to ONE minute in total - can take any format: animation, drama, documentary, stop-motion or other.

The winner will be picked by Žižek himself!

The winning film will screen before an open lecture by Žižek in London and the winner will receive a selection of Verso's back catalogue, curated by the subversive publishers themselves.

Entries can be uploaded to a video-hosting website, like YouTube or Vimeo, with a link sent to by July 30.

NOTE: Although filmmakers will retain ownership over their submissions, Verso Books and The Church Of London will have full permission to feature content across all their platforms.

For further info and updates see the Verso and The Church of London blogs and twitter feeds. More details and prizes to be announced. 

For a little inspiration check out the wonderful RSAnimate video of Žižek talking about First as Tragedy, Then as Farce