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“Bin Laden and the Palestinians”—Ghada Karmi

Tamar Shlaim10 May 2011

Ghada Karmi, writing for Electronic Intifada, sees in the manner of Bin Laden's killing "a shocking display of US arrogance and high-handedness, no matter how understandable the history behind it", and calls for a new era in western foreign policy: 

How refreshing it would be if, after all this bloodshed, America were to turn over a new leaf: to study the causes of conflicts, not just their effects on the US and its allies. Following 11 September 2001, Obama, then an obscure senator, commented presciently about the need to raise the hopes of "embittered children" around the globe. As a powerful president today, he must revisit that sentiment and introduce a new paradigm: that injustice is the basis of conflict, especially in Palestine, and to address it is the only way to world peace. This plea will probably fall on inattentive ears, but if he can help me and my fellow Palestinians go home, he will have ended the bitterest conflict of all.

Visit Electronic Intifada to read the article in full.

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