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Verso Libros: Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce the launch of Verso Libros – Verso Books’ new Spanish-language publishing partnership in Latin America and Spain.

Simón Vázquez, Ekaitz Cancela 9 November 2022

Verso Libros: Coming Soon

For over 50 years, Verso Books has been a radical and anti-imperialist publisher working out of London and New York. In January 2023, Verso Libros will be born in the outskirts of Barcelona, aiming to publish titles throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Our aim is to create an intellectual space for the production and dissemination of major political debates. We are committed to a systematic intervention in the intellectual training of a new political layer and social movements who have risen against the latest phase of neoliberalism. We want to arm ourselves with the best cultural tools to confront contemporary capitalism.

Verso Books, founded in 1970, itself initially focused on translating works of European political and social theory, economics and philosophy, from Theodor Adorno, Louis Althusser to Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as important original works by writers around the New Left Review. Following a long emancipatory tradition, Verso Libros will be publishing texts both for urgent political interventions and the long term, and be the articulation of networks capable of imagining new worlds. In this sense, Verso Libros will also work on the recovery of modern classic authors to help us understand old and new debates, such as Giovanni Arrighi, Régis Debray, Mike Davis, Christine Delphy, Alexandra Kollontai, Fredric Jameson, Juliet Mitchell, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Raymond Williams, and Erik Olin Wright.

We also believe in the power of young authors, eager to renew critical thought. In this sense, we promote emerging voices, whose talents are yet to be recognized. We refer to a new generation that understands the world as well as or better than the previous one, but who are blocked and frustrated by the commodification of the public and academic sphere. We aim to break the generation gap. Our aim is to unite all possible forces around a common goal: to come together in an editorial project dedicated to thinking emancipation.

Among the most important of the project’s lines is the renewal of socialist ideas, with new contributions from feminist, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist thought, Marxist theoretical debates, and works that seek to understand the digital and green transformations of capitalist accumulation. In the same way, our publishing house seeks to advance the decolonisation of thought, opening the door to knowledge of the Global South. Verso reprints classics and features authors from different places and realities, shifting the gaze from Europe and the West.

Verso Libros is an imprint of Radical Books Coop, a worker-owned publishing cooperative that encourages critical thinking, promotes eco-publishing, the automation of work processes and a working environment that emulates the society we want to build. By publishing a curated list of forty to fifty titles a year, we aim to contribute to the Hispanophone world as a whole in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, and help its living forces face the new political cycles and to reinforce the best of the previous ones.

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