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Politics Theory Other: Why capitalism is not 'an economy' with Nancy Fraser

The latest episode of the Politics Theory Other podcast. 

Alex Doherty14 November 2022

Politics Theory Other: Why capitalism is not 'an economy' with Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser joins the Politics Theory Other podcast to talk about her new book, Cannibal Capitalism: How Our System Is Devouring Democracy, Care, and the Planet—and What We Can Do About It. In the book, Nancy argues that we need to move away from seeing capitalism solely in economic terms, and instead reckon with how capital is always reliant on cannibalising the non-economic, from the natural environment to providers of care and social reproduction, and from the political sphere to racialised populations subject to brutal expropriation outside of the wage system.

Politics Theory Other · Why capitalism is not 'an economy' w/ Nancy Fraser

Politics Theory Other is a weekly political podcast. The show aims to bring the work of writers on the radical left to a broader public.

Past episodes include Judith Butler on nonviolence, Adam Tooze on the war economy of Nazi Germany, Amia Srinivasan on Sex and the Politics of Desire, and Philip Mirowski on Covid19 and neoliberalism.

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Cannibal Capitalism
Shortlisted for the Deutscher Memorial Prize 2023Capital is currently cannibalizing every sphere of life-guzzling wealth from nature and racialized populations, sucking up our ability to care for e...

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