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The 20 best #philosophyfilms

Tamar Shlaim17 June 2011

We've been amazed at the response on Twitter to the  #philosophyfilms hashtag over the last few days. 

We gave prizes to our favourite three, which were Husserl and Flow (@_brennavan), Lukács Me If You Lacan (@Ulillillysses) & Brokeback Montaigne, by @julesevans77  who also came out with Voyage to De Botton of the Sea and Zeno Evil Hear No Evil .

There were so many it was impossible to look through them all, so we missed some corkers. Here are the best of the rest:

Badiou Tenant (@stevenpoole)

How Deleuze Friends and Alienate People (@terryacraven)

Fichte of Fury (@montserratian)

Bend it Like Bentham (@davidcmoulton)

Look Who's Dworkin (@donchip1)

I Hardt Huckabees (@shiftzine)

Fast Times at Ridgemont Heidegger (@endamacnally)

White Men Kant Jump (@dannybirchall)

All About the Walter Benjamins (@ezradulis)

Nietzsche From the Black Lagoon (@el_crawford)

Wild Wild Cornel West (@shralec)

Bataille of Algiers (@endamacnally)

Jameson and the Giant Peach (@DanHF)

Mad Marx (@jowtok)

Faster Pussycat! Mill! Mill! (@jderbyshire)

Apocalypse Mao (@jwassers)

Jung Guns (@madmerdoc)

Weil You Were Sleeping (@endamacnally)

Monty Python and the Holy Grayling (@evgenymorozov)

For Hume the Bell Tolls (@TheOrwellPrize)

Ten Things I Hate About Bourdieu (@bdrond87)