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Owen Jones discusses Chavs on Thinking Allowed and writes about the importance of today's strikes

Andrea D'Cruz30 June 2011

In an article for New Left Project, Owen Jones explains the importance of today's strikes:

J30 can only be a start - and, more importantly, a catalyst. Think back to the first student demonstration in November. 52,000 students turned up, taking everyone by surprise - not least the demonstrators themselves. For the first time, many of them felt a sense of power. It kickstarted a wave of student protests and occupations. J30 must have a similar role for the labour movement, encouraging other workers to think that it is possible to resist.

He also suggests how the public sector unions might avoid being portayed as "sectional" interests and argues that the left must place demands on the Labour Party to "drag the Labour leadership into a position of properly fighting the Tories' cuts agenda."

Yesterday, Radio 4's Thinking Allowed featured Owen Jones talking about the demonization of the working class with Laurie Taylor and sociologist Imogen Tyler.

Visit BBC iPlayer to listen to Owen Jones on Thinking Allowed and visit New Left Project to read his article in full.

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