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Baltimore City Paper reviews Living in the End Times

Julie McCarroll 2 August 2010

Baltimore City Paper has reviewed Living in the End Times in their latest issue, calling it "a necessary primer" ...

Slavoj Žižek's new Living in the End Times (Verso) is a necessary primer for those who would like to reboot their imaginations and, perhaps, begin to see beyond the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon to what our globalized, capitalist culture has wrought and whether there really is something, anything else over the horizon. Žižek is no Old Testament prophesying doomsayer, but rather a diagnostician of the attenuated capacities of our imagination.

"[I]t is easier," Žižek writes, borrowing from the literary theorist Fredric Jameson, "to imagine a total catastrophe that ends all life on earth than it is to imagine real change in capitalist relations." With a trademark mordancy, the Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic from the University of Ljubljana points to the world leaders at the December 2009 global climate conference in Denmark as representative of all of us who "are unwilling and/or unable to control and regulate capital even when the survival of the human race is at stake."

Visit Baltimore City Paper to read the review in full.

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