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Sarah Shin13 July 2011

It is our sad duty to announce the tragic loss of Clara Heyworth, marketing manager at Verso, NY and one of the founders of this website. Clara was hit by a car as she crossed a street in Brooklyn, during the early hours of last Sunday (10 July). The injuries were severe. She never regained consciousness. We lost her on Monday morning. The loss to Verso is immeasurable. Clara was a young woman with many qualities. She first came to us as Office Manager and Publicist in the London office in 2006, delighting everyone with her enthusiasm and intelligence, a knowledge of our publishing history and a no-nonsense approach to everyone, including senior staff. While her primary interest was in publicity she had very strong editorial views and intervened forcefully whenever she felt that by taking on an inappropriate manuscript Verso's standards would be diluted.

A young life so meaninglessly and prematurely truncated pains us all, but we will not forget her or her bright-eyed smile that so often lit an entire office.  Our condolences go out to all those who knew her and worked with her and will miss her presence, but primarily to the two people who meant the most to her. Her mother whom she adored not just as a parent, but as a friend and mentor and to her husband, Jacob Stevens, Verso's Managing Director.

We share your pain.

Tariq Ali

On behalf of  Verso Board and staff.